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Process Pressure Gauge Manufacturers in UK

The Process Gauges Manufacturers in india feature a 4-1/2" (115mm) heavy duty phenolic case with SS316 wetted parts. The process pressure gauges are ideal for use in Process Plants like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power or any harsh environments. Accuracy Available is /- 0.5% and 1%



Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Paper & Pulp, Sugar, Breweries, Food & Beverages, Cement Industries, etc.



  • 4-1/2" dial size
  • Polypropylene Case and Ring
  • Solid Front Design with Full Blow Out Back
  • SS316 Bourdon and Socket, SS30
  • Movement
  • Dry or Liquid Filled (Glycerin or Silicon)
  • �”, �” npt connection
  • Bottom Direct Mount with 3 hole for fixing
  • Accuracy �1% F.S.D. , (or �0.5% F.S.D. )
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