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Pressure Gauges India

Pressure Gauges are pressure measuring instruments. Pressure Gauge have primarily bourdon tube as their sensing element which expands when pressure is applied which in turn is connected to a sector gear mechanism called the movement which causes the rotational movement of the pointer. Adarsh Pressure Gauges available in various dial sizes from the smallest 40mm (1-1/2") ,2 " (50MM), 3" (75MM), 4" (100MM), 6" (150MM), 8"(200MM) & the largest 10" (250mm). There are other pressure gauges which work on diaphragm as their primary sensor. Brass or SS316 is used as wetted parts. We can supply pressure gauges for the harshest of environments and media. 

our pressure gauges

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
sSS Case-Brass Internals Gauges
Sealed Diaphragm Pressure Gauges
Schaffer Diaphragm Gauges
Capsule Diaphragm GaugesDifferential Pressure Gauges
Duplex Pressure Gauges
Test & Master Gauges
Process (Phenolic) Gauges
Sanitary Triclover Gauges
Sanitary SMS Gauges
Homogenizer Gauges
Electric Contact Gauges
Ammonia Gauges
Refrigeration Freon Gauges
Draft Gauges
Pressure Recorder
Mud Gauge
Load Gauges
Standard Pressure Gauges

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